Federico Ughi :: Transoceanico LP + digital

5800 cover.jpg
5800 cover.jpg

Federico Ughi :: Transoceanico LP + digital


Rachel Musson: tenor sax
Adam Lane: bass
Federico Ughi: drums

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY
Release: March 2019
Total 12" vinyl time - 37:00
Catalogue number 5800

Graphic Design: Sergio Vezzali

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1 So Far So Good 9:24
2 Segnale Di Via Libera 5:58
3 Blues Apart 3:31

4 Emergency Exit 6:04
5 Transoceanico 5:24
6 Sky Ramblin’ 6:29

Quando Andiamo (bonus track, digital only) 6:09

100% of profit from the sale of this album
goes to the musicians

Distribution: Redeye Worldwide

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Federico Ughi, New York drummer, improviser and producer releases a new studio recording to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of his very first album, recorded when he resided in London, UK. The theme of the album is Ughi’s experience of home, and how it has evolved, living between Brooklyn, New York, his native Rome, Italy and all the places in the world he has passed through while touring. It’s Ughi’s deeply personal meditation on all the incredible things he’s gotten from traveling to so many places, intertwined with the melancholy of never being able to feel like he entirely belongs to any one of them. 

The album features British saxophonist Rachel Musson, as she was the original musician featured on that first album, ‘The Space Within.’ Since then, Musson has gone on to become one of the most prominent voices in improvised music in the UK and Europe. And while she and Federico have lived on different continents for much of the past two decades, they continued to collaborate, play and record together. She performed at the Forward Festival 2018 in New York and will be releasing two albums on 577 Records; the first with legendary British musicians Pat Thomas and Mark Sanders, the second with the “monster trio” of Daniel Carter, William Parker, and Federico Ughi.