Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II :: Silenced II LP + digital


Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II :: Silenced II LP + digital


Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II - drums
Elliott Sharp - guitar
Bill Laswell - bass
Vernon Reid - guitar

Recorded in West Orange, NJ
Release: September 2018

Catalogue number 5808

Cover Photo: Barron Claiborne
Graphic Design: Sergio Vezzali

Exclusive limited edition of 300 hand-numbered vinyl LPs in drop bag
Download code included with the LP


1. Ramarley Graham - feat. Elliott Sharp
2. Natasha McKenna - feat. Bill Laswell
3. Akai Gurley
4. Elektra Jagger McKenzie - feat. Vernon Reid

bonus tracks:

5. Kalief Browder - feat. Nick Dimopoulos (smomid)
6. Stephon Watts - feat. Kevin Shea (drums)

100% of profit from the sale of this album goes to the musicians, of this, a significant portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity, including the Garner Way Foundation.”

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Forward Festival & 577 Records are proud to announce a new album:

Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II
Silenced II - Views from the Auction Block

Silenced is a project by Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II playing improvised/one take duos with legendary musicians. This second volume features duets with Elliott Sharp, Vernon Reid and Bill Laswell.

Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II is an American musician and composer from New York City. His career has led him to tour and record with an impressive list of music legends including Vernon Reid, James Blood Ulmer, Bill Laswell, Marc Ribot, P.Diddy, Gravediggaz, Pharoahe Monch, Mr. Complex, Martin Luther, Cody Chesnutt, and The Persuaders.

The album is out as a limited edition vinyl and digital download on Forward Festival & 577 Records

“Ramarley Graham, is the first tune of Silenced II and it features Elliott Sharp. It is one of those performances that, when I listen back, I think someone else is playing drums. That’s how great it sounds, to me. It sounds so good, it just has to be someone else playing drums. The Holy Spirit must have been in the room that day. Elliott and I have been playing for many many years. He’s iconic. He’s an idol of mine and was Cecil Taylor’s favorite guitar player. One take.

Bill Laswell and I created a soundscape that is moody and guttural at the same time. I am in shock and awe that he chooses to consistently perform with me as well as use me as a hired drummer on his productions. One take.

I always want to sound like a piano, when I play solos. Hence my expansive drum set with an array of tones. My kit gives me this. It’s on full display in Akai Gurley.

Elektra Jagger McKenzie, the last composition on the LP, features my frequent music collaborator, Vernon Reid. It’s an homage to my daughter” - Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II

"In Silenced Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II has reconnected contemporary improvisational music to one of the most crucial & controversial issues facing us today - the misuse of lethal force by those sworn to Serve & Protect ALL of us. I am proud to be amongst the artists participating in this remarkable project”. - Vernon Reid

If you haven’t done so already, check out the first volume of Silenced, featuring duos with Nels Cline, Vernon Reid, Melvin Gibbs, Arnold Lee, Dave Hofstra and CX KidtroniK.