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David Schnug :: Trio
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David Schnug TRIO

David Schnug: alto and soprano saxophones
Chris Tordini: bass
Max Goldman: drums

Recorded in Paramus, NJ
Released: September 2012
Total CD time 39:20
Catalogue number 5781

Artwork: Shawn Sorge

100% of profit from the sale of this album
goes to the musicians

1- Force of Habit
2- Mowgli Buys An Ikea Couch
3- Shea?
4- Rahm Emmanuel/Looking Ahead!
5- Lord Rothschild Loses His Cool
6- So - What Is Your Phantasy?
7- Innate Or Induced Schizophrenia?

This trio record is one of three in a series curated by myself and released by 577 Records. The other two releases are by Aella and Alan Bjorklund’s Amygdala.
This is my first release as a leader and the compositions on it were created between 2005 and 2010. Each track on this record was created with a different compositional concept in mind, as well as a different approach to the act of improvisation. As I listen back to these tracks, I can hear not only the musical ideas that I was interested in, but the things I was reading, the people I was meeting, and the type I person I was while writing them. Each record in this series is a testament to individual personality - while we may find ourselves in the same genre, each recording is in its own musical universe. -David Schnug