5781 cover.jpg

Mette Henriette, Patrick Breiner, Max Goldman

Mette Henriette: tenor sax
Patrick Breiner: tenor sax
Max Goldman: drums

Recorded in Paramus, NJ
Released: September 2012
Total CD time 54:11
Catalogue number 5782

Artwork: Shawn Sorge

100% of profit from the sale of this album
goes to the musicians


1- Vortex
2- Caffeine crave / what do you mean the grinder is broken?
3- For the fallen
4- Fire
5- Whurl
6- Sand
7- Caged
8- æ
9- ø
10- a

This ‘Aella’ release is one of three in a series curated by myself and released by 577 Records. The other two records are of my trio and of Alan Bjorklund’s Amygdala.
This trio displays the amazing potential of improvised music. Whenever I improvise, I personally think of three things: focus, individuality, and communication. I feel that an improvisation must be limited from the first note, or there will be no way to differentiate it from any other improvisation. I feel that the improvis- ers must have their own unique sounds, because that is essentially the material that the music is being created from. To bring these elements together, the group must be able to communicate, that is, to agree upon a single path of development and expression. These needs are met exceedingly well by Aella. Each improvisation is a unique journey that stays on a strong course from beginning to end. While there are two tenors in the group, each serves a different function and both drive forward with the drums at the same pace. The result is a fantastic comprehensibility, which for me, is the greatest pleasure in listening to improvised music. -David Schnug