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Alan Bjorklund's Amygdala :: History Lesson
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Alan Bjorklund: trumpet, piccolo trumpet , didgeridoo
Cody Brown: drums
Andrew Carrico: baritone saxophone
Ryan Clackner: acoustic and electric guitars
Trevor Lagrange: steinway, accordion
Pascal Niggenkemper: bass

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY
Released: September 2012
Total CD time 46:33
Catalogue number 5783

Artwork: Shawn Sorge

100% of profit from the sale of this album
goes to the musicians

1- Multiple Personalities
2- Pedals #5
3- Short #6
4- Flying Purple Panic Attack
5- History Lesson
6- Mary Had a Little Conniption
7- Relish Fingers
8- Improvisation #1
9- Placid
10- Improvisation #8
11- States of Music Tech
12- Amygdala
13- Improvisation #3
14- Short #12
15- John Wayne
16- Third Bar Tonight
17- Short #4
18- Improvisation #14
19- Mirror Image

This record is one of three in a series curated by myself and released by 577 Records. The other two releases are of my trio, and the group Aella.
Alan Bjorklund’s music is wildly original and astoundingly logical. I attended college with Alan and have watched in amazement over the years as his music developed into the work you see presented here. I have frequently performed his music and in doing so have experienced a new way of playing. Each performer here, while either playing written material or improvising, is aware of a modern vocabulary and syntax that I feel is the present “musical moment” - and it is the musical challenge of today to speak this language. There is an interesting development happening in our music - certain composers are working at the edge of tonality and beyond; they are using exotic rhythms and obscure approaches to melody - and while they are reaching to the limit for new material, their work grooves. This sound has been forming for years with the work of many adventurous souls and Alan is one such composer. -David Schnug