Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi, NYC 2001


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577 Records is proud to be celebrating its 18 year anniversary.  The legendary music master Daniel Carter was one of the first people 577 cofounder Federico Ughi met soon after arriving in New York from Italy, after a brief stint in London. 

It was a meeting of like minds and shortly thereafter the two started a series of house concerts at 577 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, the apartment where Federico was living at the time. The spontaneous nature of the concerts along with the incredible caliber of the deep downtown underground music they were able to present inspired them to bring the unique nature of what they were doing to a wider audience and they founded the label 577 Records to further that mission. 

577 Records started the Forward Festival in 2015 to mark the momentous occasion of Daniel Carter’s 70th birthday. The festival has become an annual tradition and continues to delight audiences year after year with its surprising and eclectic lineup. 

100% of profit from the sale of most of these albums goes to the musicians.

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