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Telepathic Band by Tobias Wilner

Telepathic Band by Tobias Wilner

Electric Telepathy Vol. 1 is a new work by legendary music master Daniel Carter together with Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene & Federico Ughi a.k.a.  Telepathic Band. This new LP follows their previous albums Telepathic Alliances and Telepatia Liquida. On Electric Telepathy the band used material from a recording session in which they improvised, then took the tapes back to the studio and with the help of producer, guitarist and composer Stelios Mihas, created the album. Volume two will be released in the future.

Electric Telepathy is the ghost that lives in our senses when electricity invades us with challenging sounds. It’s a quality of the matter and the heart, lifeblood that allows us to rediscover peace, a provider of affection, feelings, and passions. This music challenges us to think about the border between “default world” and “dream world,” between material and essence, between flesh and soul. There is magic in the obsessive chase of wind instruments and in the electrical, alive and cosmic melodies that melt and come back together.

Listen to this album if you want music that comes either from outer space or from the inner space of your imagination.
Listen to this music if you still have a thinking heart.
Listen to this music if what you’re looking for is not answers but desires and questions.
Listen to the telepathy that is calling you; listen to it, and you won’t be afraid of the unknown.

Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene, Federico Ughi ::
Electric Telepathy Vol. 1

Daniel Carter : Saxophones, Clarinet, Trumpet
Patrick Holmes : Clarinet
Matthew Putman : Keyboard
Hilliard Greene : Bass
Federico Ughi : Drums

Recorded in New York City
Release: September 20th, 2019
Total 12" vinyl time - 39:00
Catalogue number 5821-1

Graphic Design: Sergio Vezzali

Beautifully designed vinyl LP with printed inner sleeve
Download code included with the vinyl LP



1   Flesh Dialect   19:23


1 Horticultural Techniques  5:25
2 Ease Tease  2:04
3 Ghost-Watch 5:40
4 Lust-Call 6:04

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goes to the musicians

Distribution: Redeye Worldwide

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